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Gone are the days when an AC unit is considered a luxury item but nowadays, it is a necessity in most parts of the world. You need to choose the right air conditioner brand & model to beat the summers in Australia.

The majority of people fail to get a suitable AC unit for their needs and requirements by purchasing without any proper research.

Here are the 7 factors you need to consider before selecting the most suitable ac system:


Buying the least expensive AC systems is the most common practice to save up a few bucks. However, in the long run, the more expensive AC units prove to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

These energy-efficient units consume a limited amount of energy and help in reducing the monthly electricity bills. They are more efficient to keep the home cool. Always consider your budget while buying a new AC unit.

Efficient Ductwork

Make sure that the ductwork of the AC system is in good condition. Efficient ductwork ensures that cool air stays in the room. Old or inefficient ducts allow 20% of cool air leakage in the environment.

Moreover, it is essential to hire professional assistance for air conditioning installation in Cessnock to resolve problems related to ducts.


Size plays an important role in the AC installation. Hire a professional that can guide you to choose a suitable size that can be easily placed at the desired location. He can ensure that you get AC of the right dimensions by analysing the available space.

Big AC unit doesn’t work well in a small room because of the short cooling load cycle. On the other hand, if the AC is too small, it will take more time for cooling which results in higher consumption of energy.


Besides cost, you should also consider good quality. Always prefer a high-quality AC system for residential or commercial buildings as they can stay in optimal working condition for long. It requires less maintenance and you do not have to replace your air conditioner system frequently.

Focus on the specifications and features of the AC unit to determine the most suitable option.

Energy Consumption

Always choose the most energy-efficient AC system even if it is a bit costly. It will help you save on your electricity bill. To identify the most cost-effective solution, you must check the EER, also known as energy efficiency rating.

High-efficiency AC is suitable for Australian weather. It doesn’t produce any harmful gases or heat. The latest AC systems come equipped with modern functions such as digital temperature controls, sleep settings, variable fan speed, and much more.


Consider these factors to buy the most suitable AC unit. Avoid the AC installation on your own due to the potential hazards involved. Hiring a professional air conditioning service and repair as they can easily install all the required components effectively.

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