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Our electricians can test the operations of your current smoke detectors, replace batteries and install new detectors to your home to remove the risk and ensure you are meeting your home insurance obligations. Some home insurance policies reflect a no alarm, no cover policy where not having detectors could void your cover.

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Hard Wired With Battery Back Up

We can arrange the installation of premium quality hard wired smoke detectors that have a battery operated back up system should there be electrical failure or faults in the home. We can provide advice and guidance on the location of the system or network of systems.


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Did you know

The risk of death from fire in Australia is three times more likely in homes that do not have working smoke alarms when compared to homes with working and well maintained smoke detectors.
If your property was built after 1997, it should have 240v hard-wired detector with battery back-up. Smoke detectors are required to be installed under the Building Code of Australia.
Today's homes have a safe escape time of only 3 minutes in the event of a fire. Periodically replace the batteries in all smoke alarms every 12 months even if they're a hard wired alarm.
Smoke alarms have an expiration date to ensure they're able to operate reliably in an emergency - in addition to checking your smoke alarm battery, your alarm expiration date should also be checked and replaced when necessary.
When it comes to your family's safety, a high quality alarm with proven reliability is always a solid investment compared to cheaper and inferior alarms - our experienced team can recommend to best alarm to suit your home.
Never paint or use harsh solvents when cleaning a smoke alarm - painting can cover the components and render the alarm useless, and solvents can damage the internal components.

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