At Coalfields Climate Control we offer scheduled maintenance and breakdown services to all sites including homes, offices and businesses. We can service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners both new and old to ensure the unit is working at its optimum capacity.

Our team provides professional services for both new and old systems as well as our preventative maintenance routine. Routine preventative maintenance is essential for reducing running costs and ensures you are operating an efficient and reliable refrigeration and/or air conditioning system.

We also offer an ongoing annual service inspection to guarantee that your refrigeration / air conditioning system is working to its optimum capacity

Frequent use of heating and cooling can cause a build up of dust, dirt and allergens that can be unhealthy to both you and your family. We provide an exclusive chemical cleaning process to remove the built up dust and biological growths from the system and ensures clean circulation of conditioned air.

Our service may include (but is not limited to) checking that belts are well adjusted, checking the system operating pressures against the manufacturers specifications, checking the refrigerant levels, operating current and cleaning the air filters / condensing unit coils. We provide unit servicing to manufacturers specifications in order to maintain new unit warranty guidelines.