At Coalfields Climate Control we can design, repair and maintain all air conditioning systems and components. We are skilled with exhaust systems, outside air infiltration and ventilation including; exhaust hoods, toilets, water closets, kitchens, storerooms, medical facilities and all types of business sites.

Our services include the installation, maintenance, repairs and assessment of air conditioning and ventilation systems and their current working performance.

We aim to understand what climate control needs you have and how we can provide you with a custom option that is best suited to your requirements. We will match you with the most energy efficient unit and complete an audit to ensure you are optimising your energy capabilities.

What sets Coalfields Climate Control apart from other air conditioning providers is our ability to custom design a system based on your specific goals and requirements.

At Coalfields we take pride in our ability to design and engineer systems to suit all sites and projects. We enjoy meeting our clients needs and expectations throughout the project to completion.

What are the benefits of using a Coalfields-designed system?

  • Climate control specific for your office, warehouse or business needs.
  • Customer Comfort
  • High quality products installed to provide optimum energy efficiency
  • Provide commercial quality air filtration systems

Why buy from Coalfields?

  • We have over 15 years of experience in the field
  • Our own well trained and licensed installation and design teams
  • A clearly displayed record of straightforwardness and sincerity
  • 2018 Hunter Business Excellence Award Winners – Trade and Industry