Air Conditioning

Our engineers will carry out a site inspection and provide a FREE QUOTE for the installation of an air conditioning unit that best suits your needs and budget.

We provide the supply and installation of new split and ducted air conditioning systems, including the removal of any old or existing systems.

We service and repair existing systems. Including chemical cleaning to remove any dust, mould or mildew that may be preventing your unit working to its optimum efficiency.


A ducted system administers heating or cooling to each room in your home or office through the use of flexible ducting in either the ceiling or the floor.

The air is then distributed through multi-directional ceiling grilles to provide even air flow to every part of the room.

For filtration there is an air filter located in the return air grille which is there to guarantee air quality.

To control the system we install an easy to usr electronic control panel, located on your wall in an easy to access area that gives you full control of the temperature so you can create your ideal indoor temperature.

Split / Multi Ducted systems

Split systems are specifically designed to give you air conditioned comfort in a particular room. There is also an outdoor unit that is located separately from the indoor unit and they are connected with pipe work.

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, with the most common choice being wall mounted split systems, other styles include multi-head splits and floor mounted splits.

Upholding your comfort is as simple as operating the remote control thermostat which can be mounted on the wall at a position convenient and will give you automatic temperature control, fan speed selection, timer on and off control and display of the system in the air conditioned room.

The Coalfields Charm

Other companies will not take into account individual needs and may just sell units from a small selection they have in stock. At Coalfields Climate Control, we prefer to take the time to meet with you personally and at your premises. We aim to understand what climate control needs you have and how we can provide you with a custom option that is best suited to your requirements. Then we will match you with the most energy efficient unit and complete an audit to ensure you are optimising your energy capabilities.

Most air conditioning and refrigeration businesses are more than satisfied with selling you a convenient solution for themselves, but at Coalfields Climate Control we would much rather find out about you, what you want to achieve and offer a personalised solution based solely off your requirements.