Signs You Need To Seek Air Conditioner Repair Services In Greta

Residential Air Conditioning

It can be an incredibly frustrating experience to have your A/C fail on you in the middle of summer. However, your unit won’t usually give up without showing some signs of potential problems (issues that a technician with a keen interest in preventative maintenance would notice).

You should always keep a sharp eye on some of these common signs:

  • System struggles to maintain temperature or vents blow warm air even when your A/C is switched to cooling mode
  • A/C is leaking water
  • A/C fails to moderate humidity levels within your home
  • A/C unit emits bad odours
  • Loud, sudden or unusual noises when your system is switched on
  • Poor airflow
  • Uneven cooling *higher than usual power consumption   *Error codes or unfamiliar symbols displayed on your systems controller

These are some of the most common signs indicating you need to call on the services of an experienced local A/C repair service in Greta.


Trusted AC Repairers In Greta

Coalfields Climate Control prides itself on being Greta’s leading Air Conditioning Experts for the supply, installation, and repair of residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

We specialise in repairing all types of commercial and residential air conditioners such as split systems, ducted systems, and ventilation systems.

We carry and stock a wide range of spare parts enabling us to ensure prompt repair of your faulty system, typically on the very first call. If any parts or additional labour is required, we will always notify the client before we proceed.

We repair all brands, like Daikin, Actron, Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Temperzone and many many more! We can even perform warranty work for a lot of brands still covered by the manufacturers warranty.

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  1. More than 10 years of experience in the industry
  2. We only recommend trusted, renowned air conditioner brands
  3. We only hire highly experienced and well-trained air conditioning technicians
  4. We offer a complete range of air conditioning services
  5. Reasonable service charges
  6. We offer a design quote and initial/follow up consultation.

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