Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance

With Coalfields, industrial refrigeration maintenance starts by detailing comprehensive preventative measures, including servicing and repair schedules for compliance requirements. Proactive is always a better than reactive, so we like to combat potential issues before they become problems in industrial refrigeration and freezers.


Refrigeration Monitoring & Protection

If your stock is critical, and any breakdown equates to potential losses, then we have the ideal solution for you in monitoring your commercial refrigeration units to ensure they're running at all times. Think of it as a service, similar to monitoring an alarm. If something goes wrong, we're notified immediately.

Commercial Refrigeration Installers

If you're in the market for commercial refrigeration installers, the company you choose could foster into a long-term relationship of servicing and routine maintenance, so choosing wisely can save tears, headaches and money.

Coalfields are manufacturer-approved to work on most commercial refrigeration brands, and we guarantee all installation-related workmanship for the life of the equipment.