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You can choose from a range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to lease, and we can customise the terms to what fits your situation best. This option is cash-flow friendly, and much better than air conditioner financing. You won’t have to outlay the capital cost before accessing the equipment. All assets provided by coalfields will be maintained at regular intervals to ensure optimum efficiency and that your business won’t have disruption or breakdown. We can provide all the equipment for the needs of your business and take all the capital risk and responsibility.

To ensure you achieve nearly 100% uptime for any refrigeration or air conditioning equipment you lease from us, we have your business pre-scheduled for regular maintenance checks. As a worst case scenario, we can replace a unit and fix any issues in our own time. 100% uptime for you is our goal.

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Low Interest Air Conditioner Financing

If you’re in the market for the best air conditioner finance deal, then Coalfields Climate Control in the Hunter Valley can offer low interest finance on your aircon units to be installed, subject to a credit check and provided you honour your payments. It’s good for cash flow, it’s means you can spread payments across 36 months, and your air conditioner finance agreement can include regular maintenance if you wish. There are no-surprise bills you’ll have to experience.


Interest Free Air Conditioning Finance

To qualify for interest free air conditioning finance, we’ll need to conduct a credit check, have a history of regular payments and/or have dealt with you or your business previously. This offer is 100% at Coalfields discretion and terms and conditions apply. Many people want to explore the best rates for ducted aircon as the expense can be significant. Again, we can offer interest free ducted air conditioning finance which smooths out your cash flow, but we will need to go through an application process. Interest free ducted air conditioning finance can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, so there may be a form of security required also.


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Need To Know's About Air Conditioner Financing & Leasing

We can lease you quality air conditioning equipment for short periods of time if you're transitioning between offices.
You can choose to purchase/finance any leased equipment at the end of the agreement, or walk away without commitment. Leases can include maintenance and repairs and the same can be applied to air conditioner finance too.
If you'd like a long term lease on your aircon equipment to smooth out cashflow, or even if you're wanting air conditioner financing, we can plan to upgrade your business to new technology every 3 years, to ensure your production is operating with maximum energy efficiency and reliability.

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