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Air conditioner servicing is a preventative approach to avoiding annoying breakdowns in the peak of extreme weather. Over time, Air Conditioner indoor units often develop a buildup of biological growth and dust which hinders its energy efficiency. Outdoor units are often neglected and a buildup of debris on them can also cause complications for the units operating ability if not maintained. Servicing a unit annually ensures that you are meeting manufacturers’ warranty requirements should you have any issues with your system over the warranty period. We offer a 10-point check when providing servicing & maintenance to your system. We check refrigerant levels, operating current as well as ensuring they are clean and operating to their optimum efficiency. Managing your unit saves you money in the long term. Annual air conditioner servicing and preventative maintenance will save you on expensive call out fees and costly breakdowns.

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Why Servicing Is Important.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your aircon units dramatically reduce mould or biological growths, pollen and dust build-up on the indoor unit. If you or any of your family suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, including hay fever, then Aircon servicing is a no-brainer. Cleaner air also smells better. There’s nothing worse than flicking on your AC, and it smells like mould that tends to linger in your house for days, if not permanently. It gets into fabrics, such as your couch and carpets.

Outside of health reasons, servicing air conditioners will save you in consumption when heating and cooling too. Your power bill should reduce comparatively with a significant increase in energy efficiency. It makes no difference whether you have ducted air, or a split system, a routine service plan is a wise choice.



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"Of all the air conditioner servicing companies in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. Their pricing is fair, they're on-time, reliable and genuine. I can recommend their business easily and will continue to do so."
Ash Horton
Our customer rating
"Awesome aircon service price, fast response."
Jamie Bright
Our customer rating
"Staff cleaned up after themselves and were helpful explaining the setup and how to maintain."
Tracey Evans

Need To Know's About Air Conditioner Servicing

From what we've observed, only 42 percent of homeowners proactively call a professional to perform annual air conditioner servicing. We've also observed that air conditioners that we regularly service last approximately 20 percent longer.
Neglecting annual air conditioner servicing ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use increases. Give your systems a little love, and you'll save money on consumption while living in a healthier home.
Filters may need more frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use, is subjected to dusty conditions, or you have fur-bearing pets in the home.
Air conditioners have become much more energy efficient in the past few years. According to Daikin, a new energy saving model can save you up to 46% percent on your annual cooling costs.
Not regularly maintaining your new air conditioner may void your warranty. Servicing an AC unit should occur once a year and is a cost of approximately $139-$299
We have observed that drain leaks from blockages increase to approximately 63% if a unit hasn't been serviced or cleaned in the past 3 years.

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