Test And Tagging

Our fast, testing & tagging service will keep your Hunter Valley business compliant. It’s a simple, inexpensive process, but yes, it is mandatory in New South Wales to have all of your cables and electrical equipment tested for safety. We’ll document everything you need to remain compliant and either repair, or replace equipment when required.


Switchboard Upgrades in Hunter Valley

If your home or business is older than 10 years, your switchboard could be in danger of overheating and causing a fire hazard. It seems ridiculous that after 10 years, this is a risk, but when you think about the technology advances, and how much additional electrical load we’re all using, through iPhones, laptops etc. it makes sense. It’s an inexpensive process to have your switchboard checked, and if need be, our team of licensed electricians can assist in a replacement too.


RCD Testing NSW

RCD testing is similar to, and often combined with testing and tagging, your electrical equipment. It’s a safety requirement to remain compliant if you own a hunter Valley business, and it’s a smart idea if you’re a residential home owner too. Our team can inexpensively visit your property and carry out the tests quickly, efficiently and give you the reports you need for full compliance.


Smoke Alarm Installations

If your smoke alarms are older than 10 years in age, there’s a high chance you’re not compliant with Australian law. If you’re a Hunter Valley landlord, or even a homeowner, you may run into insurance problems if your detectors aren’t up to standard. It’s very easy, and inexpensive to have your detectors checked, and if the installation of new ones is required, we can sort them on the spot.


Ceiling Fan Installers

Let’s face it, ceiling fans can feel a heck of a lot nicer than always being in an air-conditioned environment, and that’s why us Aussies almost always install them. But what you might not know is that using fans in combination with your aircon is an extremely efficient way to cool your home. They help by creating and distributing airflow around the home. Coalfields licensed electricians can inexpensively install new ceiling fans in your Hunter Valley home.


Energy Efficient Homes

An energy efficient home can reduce your consumption costs by hundred, if not thousands, per year. Our specialist HVAC planners can integrate smart technology and autonomy to lower your consumption when rooms aren’t being used. You can remote access your home to switch on or off your devices, or you can keep it simple and just use our experience to choose and place ceiling fans and air-con equipment appropriately for the property layout. We’re a friendly bunch, so reach out, we’re here to help.


EV Charger Installation

Coalfields Climate Control’s off grid specialist team provides the professional installation of public and private EV charging stations for electric cars – Reach out to us for a free initial consultation.