Solar Panel Maintenance

Imagine buying a solar system and then losing 88% efficiency. In fact, that's what most Aussie's are experiencing, and they don't even realise it. Our team of solar technicians will optimise your solar panels, so you're gaining full value. It's easy and going to give you the cost savings you originally signed up for.

Test And Tagging

Test and tagging is mandatory for every business in NSW every 12 months. Our electrical testing technicians have you booked on a regular maintenance program, so you never have to think about remaining compliant again.

Switchboard Upgrades

As with any part of your home, sometimes Electrical boards require a renovation or upgrade. This is the central part of your home or office where the board distributes power from the electricity mains and through the varying circuits that power things like lights, appliances and air conditioning. It's often neglected yet so important to the safety of your home and business. It's an easy check for us while we're onsite assisting with other services, and if there are going to be switchboard upgrade costs, we'll discuss your best options, so you're 100% informed to make the right decision.

RCD Testing

RCD switch testing is important to keep your workplace safe and compliant. In New South Wales, every business is required to have testing documented by a professional occur every 12 months.

Smoke Alarm Installations

Smoke detector installation is cheap and essential to safety. Both hard wired and battery operated smoke alarms could save you and your family in an emergency. You should check your smoke detector monthly by holding down the test button until you hear a loud alert tone and then releasing and change your batteries annually.

Ceiling Fan Installers

Our Ceiling fan installers can provide you and your home with a more cost effective cooling option than just air conditioning. Ceiling fans, in combination with air conditioning units assist air circulation throughout the home. By circulating air around, a fan helps to evaporate sweat from your skin, which is how you naturally eliminate body heat. The more evaporation, the cooler you feel. Our ceiling fan installers consider it an absolute breeze installing units with a switch or remote.

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes start with the right advice on air conditioning and ensuring the right, suitable system is installed in your home. Get this right and it makes a considerable difference. Energy efficiency is not just about using less energy, it is also about saving you money and reducing pollution.