Preventative Commercial Aircon Maintenance

Equipment breakdowns and failures are costly and will reduce your productivity and reliability to your clients, which costs you money.

Consider using Coalfields to design and manage a customised Preventative Commercial Aircon Maintenance Schedule to ensure your equipment is operating at its peak performance and efficiency, which saves you money on electricity as well as prevents expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

We can give you the assurance that ongoing preventative maintenance will assist in the reliability and economy of your system.

We assess your current equipment duty and tailor a preventative maintenance schedule to suit your usage and budget, to ensure your equipment is operating to maximum efficiency

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24 Hour Emergency Support

We also offer a 24 hour emergency call out support for any unexpected commercial aircon breakdowns and repairs. Our mobile warehouses are stocked with a huge range of common parts to ensure timely repairs and if we can’t fix the issue immediately, we have portable aircon hire and flexible lease solutions to keep your operations running.


Clients we work with

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Of all the air conditioning installers in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. The pricing is fair, the people are nice, they're on-time, reliable and genuine. I can recommend their Aircon services easily and will continue to do so.
Ash Horton
Our customer rating
"Awesome service price and workmanship guaranted"
Jamie Bright

Need To Know's About Air Conditioning Installation

Regular preventative maintenance minimises costly downtime due to breakdown. We can arrange to service your equipment outside of your normal hours of operation.
To keep systems operating at maximum efficiency, you should chemically clean coils every 12 months to maximise heat transfer. A standard service isn't enough.
Due to the value of commercial air conditioning equipment, it's a must to maintain all equipment as per the manufacturers requirements. Failure to follow the maintenance guidelines could void your warranty.

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