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We provide Commercial Servicing options to the periods that meet the requirement of the business from Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or annual options. Our technicians are experienced in all forms of refrigerated equipment including commercial and industrial Air Conditioning plants, Refrigeration for cold stores, liquid chillers, bulk freezers, process refrigeration plants, winery chillers and storage refrigeration.

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Detailed Reporting

We check the operations of all components, register all of your equipment and log the ongoing management of each item of equipment in a comprehensive database to ensure the system is performing consistently to manufacturers guidelines. We strive for zero breakdowns on each of our managed sites. 

Emergency Breakdown Service

At Coalfields we offer our clients a 24hour emergency breakdown service should unexpected breakdowns occur. Our Refrigeration Protection Program also allows us to monitor and maintain your equipment remotely and receive notifications when plant or equipment operates outside of its normal threshold, therefore we are able to catch anomalies before they become serious issues.

We also offer emergency and temporary cooling solutions of Air Con and Refrigeration systems if a failure cannot be immediately repaired.


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Need To Know's About Air Conditioning Installation

If you don't annually service your air conditioning equipment, you'll experience a steady decline in efficiency and performance while cost increases.
Your filters may need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently if your equipment is located in a continually dusty environment.
If you fail to maintain any new air conditioning equipment, you may void the warranty. Manufacturers stipulate that servicing is required annually.
Condensate-leaks from blocked drains can increase to nearly 85% if your commercial equipment hasn't been professionally serviced or cleaned within the past three years.
Australian Standards now state that "outside air" is mandatory to be introduced into commercial indoor areas.
If you'd like a hassle free approach to your servicing and compliance, we can offer SLA's (Service Level Agreements) allowing regular routine inspections, servicing, and a response time commitment that's suitable for your business operations.

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