The difference in star ratings of units can be a huge difference in the air conditioning systems running costs over a month, year or even 10 years. The investment you choose to make in purchasing your new system is a cost that can add up to be a monthly expense if you select the wrong type of system. By being correctly informed on the most energy efficient system (or star rating) that matches your budget is essential knowledge that we can help you to be informed about. It is our core business to ensure we are matching the most energy efficient air conditioner to your home’s requirements. Let our experienced team help you to understand what energy rated air conditioner you should have and share our knowledge on how to reduce the running costs by operating your system on the best settings, cycles and have your home set up correctly to save money with the system you have.


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Energy efficiency also relies on us installing the correctly sized unit for your individual situation. If you are a shift worker, operating a home business, have a young family or choose to operate your system all year round to maintain optimum comfort we want to ensure we are matching you correctly to your unit to ensure that it saves you money throughout the seasons. 


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What our clients say
Of all the air conditioning installers in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. The pricing is fair, the people are nice, they're on-time, reliable and genuine. I can recommend their Aircon services easily and will continue to do so.
Ash Horton
What our clients say
"Awesome service price and workmanship guaranted"
Jamie Bright

Need To Know's About Energy Efficiency

You can save significant money by servicing your solar panels regularly.
Air conditioners can operate 30% more efficiently if serviced annually.
You can save money by switching off unused appliances at the wall, but more importantly you'll reducing the likeliness of damage or fire hazard during power surges.
Modern reverse cycle air conditioning units can be 300% more efficient than older electric heaters.
Utilising timer switches or smart home automation units can save considerable power usage by turning lights and air conditioning off automatically.
Contact your energy provider and their competition to compare pricing plans. You may be surprised at the savings you can make, just by making a few calls.

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