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Coalfields, are some of the only qualified, commercial refrigeration engineers in the Hunter Valley. What that means for you is that we guarantee you, you’ll receive the correct information, knowledge, and advice on your commercial air conditioning needs. We won’t sell you incorrect equipment that won’t work effectively, it’s just not who we are. You will receive an engineered design, and a plan that best suits your site requirements and budget. We’ll also provide the best energy efficiency recommendations of commercial air conditioning units, ensuring you save money in the long term. We customise your installation design, meaning you’re guaranteed the best and most appropriate set-up when engaging the commercial team at Coalfields.

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Lifetime Guarantee On Commercial Air Conditioning Installations

Our technician’s extensive knowledge of commercial air conditioning installation ensures that they are delivering and installing your equipment to the highest standards. We are not a retail chain supplier who only sell units and then uses a sub-contractor to install the unit. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship. This reassures our clients and community that we trust in our equipment, skills and processes to deliver to the highest standard.


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Of all the air conditioning installers in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. The pricing is fair, the people are nice, they're on-time, reliable and genuine. I can recommend their Aircon services easily and will continue to do so.
Ash Horton
Our customer rating
"Awesome service price and workmanship guaranted"
Jamie Bright

Need To Know's About Installing Commercial Air Conditioners

We'll visit, assess and plan the most suitable and most cost effective solution for your commercial site and give installation and equipment recommendations. This service is 100% free.
The most regular issue we find from previous installer work is that the units are incorrectly sized for the required space and therefore are not cooling effectively or efficiently. Planning your commercial air-con install is important.
Coalfields are one of the few qualified air conditioning and refrigeration engineers located in the Hunter Valley.
If you experience a breakdown and require an immediate fix, we can promptly install a temporary solution, allowing you the freedom and space to make the right decision for replacement equipment.
The solutions we can provide are from a simple split-system unit, right through to industrial package air conditioners. We assess your site first and make recommendations.
To reduce energy consumption, we often install automated variable air volume systems (VAV) to monitor and adjust air quantity to perfectly suit the conditioned space.

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