Perfectly Even Temperatures with Ducted Aircon

A ducted aircon system can provide both heating and cooling to each room in your home or office. This is achieved through the use of flexible ducting in either the ceiling cavity or under the floor. The conditioned air is then distributed through grilles located in the ceiling, walls or floor to provide even airflow to every part of the home. To keep the air clean and safe, there is a washable air filter located in the return air grille, which is there to guarantee air quality. To control the entire air conditioning system, we install an easy to use electronic control panel located on your wall in an easy to access area that gives you complete control of the temperature so you can create your ideal indoor temperature.

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Aircon Ducting & Advanced Technology

You have a multitude of options and features available when installing ducted A/C units: everything from different types of outlets, higher efficiency ductwork, WIFI connectivity, zoning etc. If you love technology and energy efficiency like we do, we offer a specialist upgrade to an Australian Made product called MyAir, which is made by Advantage Air. The MyAir control system utilises Variable Air Volume (VAV) technology to proportionally adjust airflow to each room of your home where it is needed most, which creates a super-efficient ducted aircon system. The MyAir system incorporates a wall mounted Android tablet which controls the system and has inbuilt WIFI for remote access to your ducted A/C from your device.

A ducted system can be customised to suit any type of home in any location and are the perfect choice when you require total home comfort.


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Of all the air conditioning installers in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. The pricing is fair, the people are nice, they're on-time, reliable and genuine. I can recommend their Aircon services easily and will continue to do so.
Ash Horton
Our customer rating
"Awesome service price and workmanship guaranted"
Jamie Bright

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Need To Know's About Air Conditioning Installation

Servicing and maintenance are required on your ducted system to ensure you meet warranty requirements.
Your installation should take between 6-7 hours, depending on the complexity of the project, plus you'll get a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
Coalfields are 100% compliant in Australia, but if you choose to use another provider, ask to see your installer's credentials to avoid insurance horror stories. All Air Conditioning installations need to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and AS3000 & the ARC (Australian Standards).
Quality ducted systems typically start from approximately $9000 and have outlets in multiple rooms which circulates conditioned air throughout the home.
According to, every degree celsius lower you set your unit to during summer, and every degree higher during winter months will increase your running costs by approximately 10-15%.
The best quality ducted air conditioners are usually made in Japan. For example, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi.

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