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Let us be responsible for the management of your commercial sites refrigeration systems with our Refrigeration Monitoring Program. We are able to remotely manage the refrigeration system or respond to alarms and breakdowns immediately ensuring the protection of your most important assets. The program is effective for refrigeration such as Pharmacies and Veterinarian fridges, School canteen, perishables, fast food and bulk storage. 

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Lower Insurance Premiums

This program de-risks an insurance companies position when ensuring your stock that needs to be refrigerated, and therefore, you can talk to your insurer about reducing your annual premium. It’s similar to having an alarm in your home or car. You can request an insurance premium reduction by giving your system another layer of protection to prevent total loss of goods.


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Need To Know's About Refrigeration Monitoring

What is refrigeration monitoring system?

It's a commercial solution to monitoring and adjusting the environment in your coolrooms. We're alarmed immediately if refrigeration failure occurs to ensure stock isn't spoiled or lost.
What does refrigeration monitoring allow?

We can remotely adjusts system parameters such as temperature, and force defrosts while getting live data in real time.
Does refrigeration monitoring reduce insurance premiums?
This is at the discretion of each insurance company, however, and in particular if you have a good commercial insurance broker, this reduces the risk of loss significantly.

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