Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

Servicing your air conditioner, otherwise known as Preventative Maintenance, is an important part of optimising your system to ensure longevity of the unit and its components. You’ll be maximising energy efficiency by ensuring it is working to its full efficiency and can cycle air as it’s designed to. We service and repair all brands of residential air conditioning systems. We offer a range of aircon servicing options including a basic service check up, through to a full strip down and chemical clean & sanitation.

Residential Service and air conditioner maintenance secures the warranty terms and conditions for your new air conditioners warranty period should anything go wrong or break down with your system. Coalfields Climate Control are warranty agents for a range of brands. Performing preventative servicing allows our team to check your systems operations, check and record operating current of motors and compressors, check refrigerant and lubrication levels, adjust air flow as well as clean the air filters to ensure that your system is on track to operate at its best for another year.

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Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

The Coalfields team are equipped to provide all levels of air conditioner servicing, including chemical cleaning & sanitation, to remove any dust or biological growth that may pollute your environment and preventing your unit from working to its optimum efficiency. These build-ups inside your unit can become a health issue for you and your family and can cause the demise of your unit if left unchecked. Our comprehensive service includes checking the indoor and outdoor unit and ensures that it is that maintaining the correct operating functions.

We provide this valuable service and we maintain all types of air conditioners. We are skilled in delivering these to the highest standard. All clients who have had a system installed or service with us are contacted annually to book in their service, so no stress in you remembering when your air con services are due!


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Of all the air conditioning maintenance teams in the Hunter Valley, Coalfields gave me the best customer experience. The quoted fairly they arrived on-time, what else can I ask for.
Ash Horton
Our customer rating
Awesome service & price. Good people.
Jamie Bright

Need To Know's About Air Conditioner Maintenance

Servicing & the maintaining of air conditioning equipment is required to ensure you meet AC system warranty requirements.
Servicing your AC system Takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and includes cleaning the filters so you're breathing healthier air.
Air conditioner maintenance includes checking the refrigerant levels, and ensuring the condensate drain is flowing freely reducing the risk of a water leak. If there are faults, your AC unit won't be cooling or heating your rooms efficiently.
If you suffer from allergies, or Asthma, you can chemically clean your system removing biological growth and dust build up on your indoor system. Plus this will extend the life of your unit. This cost typically varies but is approximately $169-$199.
Common air conditioner maintenance replacement parts are usually only available for 10-15 years old depending on the brand and type of system. This applies whether it's ducted air or split aircon equipment.
Getting your AC system serviced and maintained can increase the life of the AC by 20% and if it's a reverse cycle split system, then maintaining your units should occur every winter at the very least.

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