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Electrical storms are the most common reason for electronic component damage inside air conditioning systems. Assessing the extent of damage and providing a comprehensive insurance report will allow you and your insurance company to make an assessment of the value of the system and any replacement or repair costs to be considered. Storm damage to outdoor units caused by flooding is a frequent area we address after periods of excessive rain and often a big part of our air conditioner insurance reporting. All air conditioning units utilise electric motors, from small louvre motors all the way to large compressor or fan motors. All motors are susceptible to damage by electrical fusion, and this may be covered by your insurance policy. Following us providing you with an insurance report and assessment, we can streamline the replacement or repair of your system in an efficient and timely way to ensure you and your family are living in comfort as soon as possible after the report is made. We can reduce the risk of a repeated issue, such as re-orientating a unit to protect it from flooding or educate you further on the protection of your systems during other weather events.

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Our air conditioner insurance reports are comprehensive and are aimed at providing the best possible result for you. We are fully licensed and equipped to ensure that you are cared for in the report and evaluation process and we are confident to manage and protect your equipment into the future. We have a range of hire systems that we can support you with while your report is with the assessors to ensure that we give you the best and inclusive care to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Need To Know's About Insurance Reports

Insurance companies require specific details and data before you are able to lodge a claim. Coalfields are approved to inspect units on behalf of several insurance companies and can provide this detail as required.
If your system is damaged and an insurance claim is required, we can immediately replace or repair your unit as the claim is processed and produce a comprehensive air conditioner insurance report.
When working with Coalfields, we take the lead on insurance claims making the process easy for you. We'll guide you step by step and assist in providing all the right documentation that your insurer needs.

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