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Installing a new ac unit isn’t cheap 💸. Split system air conditioners start at around $1700 and so you want to make sure that the install is done correctly and that you are supported every step of the way! When it comes to investing in an aircon unit here in Hunter Valley, there are many options for you to choose from. We’re here to make this choice easy for you and tell you why using a service like ours gives you much more bang for your buck than buying from retailers.  

While retail outlets may seem like a convenient option to shop, there are many drawbacks and things you miss out on compared to using a dedicated air con supplier and service provider like us at Coalfields. In Australia, customers often face limited options, higher prices, sales pressure, limited expertise, and inadequate after-sales service when choosing to buy from retail suppliers. 

Limited Options vs Expert Product Rage 

Whether its a split-system air conditioner or a ducted air conditioning system you’re looking for, one of the primary downsides of buying air conditioners from retail outlets is the restricted selection they offer. These stores often carry a limited range of brands, models, and features, limiting your ability to find the most suitable AC for your specific needs.

In a country with diverse climate conditions like Australia 🇦🇺, having a broad range of options is essential to match the unique requirements of different regions and choosing the right air conditioner is important in getting the solution you need in the intense Aussie heat 🥵. We are approved warranty agents for some of the best brands ideal for use in the Hunter Valley region. Whether it’s a ducted or split system air conditioning system you end up going for, we can help guide you to the best air con unit for you. 

Air Conditioner Cost: Higher Prices & Unnecessary Upselling 

If it’s a cheap split system air conditioner you’re looking for, retail outlets are the last place you should be looking. Retail outlets are notorious for their higher prices, which may not only include the cost of the air conditioner itself but also additional expenses like installation cables, slabs, and duct covers. These hidden costs are often passed on to customers during the installation process, making the overall expense of getting an air conditioner significantly higher compared to purchasing from other direct providers. If the retailer does offer a promotion usually this is just for the unit and basic installation. With us you get a comprehensive service and someone to call right away if needed 💪. 

Sales Pressure: Is the cheap split system air conditioner really your best deal?

Walking into a retail store to buy an air conditioner might expose you to aggressive sales tactics in order to sell you a cheap split system air conditioner that might not even be right for you!

Salespeople may push specific models or attempt to upsell, focusing more on meeting their sales targets than addressing your individual requirements; The cheap split system air conditioners that are on offer, could be so for several factors, and not ones that are of benefit to you and your home 🏠. The pressure can lead to hasty decisions and the purchase of an air conditioner that doesn’t truly meet your needs.  We want you to have the perfect aircon unit that meets YOUR needs, not the needs of shareholders… We will provide expert advice on the options most suited for you and you can go with an option that suits your needs and price bracket 👏! 

Limited Air Conditioner Advice & Expertise in Shops

While some sales staff in retail outlets may have a basic understanding of air conditioners, their expertise can be limited. Lacking in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of various models and features, their advice may be biased or inaccurate. Relying on such guidance can result in a suboptimal purchase that may not effectively cater to your specific cooling needs. Furthermore whether it’s a wall mounted, outdoor or indoor unit,  installing an air conditioning unit correctly takes expertise.

At Coalfields we know our aircon units and know how best they can serve you! We can also appraise your current unit and see whether a simple repair would be best! Whatever the case you’re safe in the knowledge you’re dealing with industry experts with installers you can trust 💪.

After-Sales Service: Installation costs & Maintenance  

Comprehensive after-sales service is often a challenge with retail suppliers. This includes installation support, maintenance, and warranty services. Customers may find themselves responsible for seeking out service technicians or handling issues on their own; Without the right installer air conditioner installation costs can add up with cost of labour. We are approved warranty agents and offer our customers the best post-purchase support for our units. The kind of support you get from us far outweighs that of a retail supplier.

Better Deals Elsewhere: Get an air conditioning system that’s efficient and right for you

Customers in Australia can explore better deals, discounts, and promotions from reputable companies or direct suppliers like ours. These alternatives may offer a wider range of options, competitive prices, and even additional perks like free installation or extended warranties. By looking beyond retail outlets, consumers can ensure they get the best value for their investment.

While retail outlets may offer convenience, customers should be cautious about the potential pitfalls associated with buying air conditioners from them. Although their seemingly cheap split system air conditioners may seem attractive at first glance it could end up being much more expensive than a comprehensive service from a dedicated expert. 

Here at Coalfields we’re here to provide the best service in the Hunter Valley ❄️! From when you first contact us right through to delivery and installation, we provide detailed and expert support throughout. Give us a call today, or check out our services online and see what we can do for you. We promise you’ll be glad you did 😊. 


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