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Mould is one of the most silently hazardous fungi in the world. It has the potential to cause serious health issues in the future. Statistics show that dirty air gives rise to millions of deaths every year.

When you experience black mould in air vents or AC air ducts, cleaning is the first step. For the professional help, hire the Hunter Valley-based HVAC contractors who meticulously perform the job of repair and maintenance while delivering quality workmanship.

Despite the help available, it is a good idea to enrich your basic understanding of how you can eliminate mould in HVAC air ducts. Let’s get into it in detail:

1#  Keep The Ducts Clean

When your ducts go a long time without being cleaned, mould begins to affect your home’s air quality for the worse. Getting a chem-clean (chemical clean) performed will eliminate any possibility of mould, bacteria and have your family breathing healthy air. Trust a ducted air conditioning service to get the cleaning done professionally. Besides, get an air purification system which enables you to have your system cleaned less frequently.

2#  Move Your Furniture

Be a little more careful and mindful about the furniture placement in your home or business place. If any of the furniture pieces are blocking the air vents in your house, you could be inviting mould in your home.


Make sure you are positioning your furniture well so that there remains safe ventilation for everyone in the area.

3#  Get The Right HVAC System

Large HVAC systems can be the culprit of undesirable humid conditions in your home. Ask an expert to size your HVAC system in a suitable manner for your living area.

Getting a properly sized HVAC system can save a lot of hassle in the future when you go through the process of eliminating mould.

4#  Fix Leaks

Does your HVAC not draining properly? Well, you have to seek assistance from a technician to fix the damage. The experts possess the know-how to seal off the pipes and ducts to ensure that the mould does not spread to the whole system while they are working on it.


5#  Dry it Out

The humidity level inside the home should be anywhere from 35-50 percent at any given point of time. Use a dehumidifier as it will help keep the level of moisture in the air balanced.

In case, the humid level in your home goes up by 70%; you are eventually at the risk of growing mould which could be toxic to breathe.

Concluding With One More Tip: Survey The Area

  • Check the areas in your home that are frequently moistened such as kitchen, washroom as they are more susceptible to mould.
  • Find out if there is any leaky pipe as it could be behind the mould build up in your home.
  • If you are a plant lover, get plants like cactus that dont require much water. The soil in the plants makes a space for the mould to grow.
  • If you come across an unusual amount of condensation on windows, it signals to mould growth.

Treating the mould problem requires experience, expertise and patience. A professional HVAC contractor is more likely to uproot the mould in your home with a 100% success rate.

Trust the HVAC experts to make your living space mould-free and breathe safely!

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