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Like most of the modern appliances, refrigerators also have gone through some digital changes. Technological progress continues to upgrade many old components with new advanced ones. 

For example, new, eco-friendlier HFC (tetrafluoroethane) is now used instead of old chloro-fluoro-carbons (like Freon) in the refrigerator. 

Despite all these changes, the working principle of all the refrigerators is still the same. So try to get some basic knowledge of refrigerator operations to notice when things are getting wrong.

Look out for these five warning signs that indicate that your refrigerator needs repair.

  1. Condensation In Your Fridge

When you observe small droplets, it means that the refrigerator is unable to keep the right temperature. It happens when hot, moisture-laden air enters your fridge and changes its physical state due to temperature variation.

Things You Can Do To Minimise Condensation:

  • Make sure the defrost mechanism is working correctly
  • Clear the blockage with the drinking straw
  • Do not put hot food in the fridge, always put food items which are at room temperature
  • Raise the front floor screws and let the water flow to the drain correctly
  • Make sure the rubber gasket forms a complete seal allows the door to close properly
  • Maintain your fridge temperature between ideal 0-5°C( it is neither too hot nor too cold)
  • By cleaning the fridge from both inside and out
  • Never leave the door open for a long duration

If the problem is still the same, it’s time to schedule an appointment with leading refrigerator and air conditioning companies soon and let this problem, not persist for a long time.

  1. Failure To Maintain The Temperature

Put a thermometer in the refrigerator to monitor the temperature of the thermostat. Adjust the thermostat to match the ideal temperature, which is somewhere between 35 and 38 degrees F.

Still, the fridge is not maintaining the temperature? It’s time to take professional help.

3. The Refrigerator Is Making Strange Sounds 

Your refrigerator may create a humming noise which is often the sound of a compressor adjusting to maintain the right temperature. It is normal to have such noise. But it is also necessary to differentiate between a normal and abnormal sound to avoid confusion.

If it is making a constant buzzing, whirring, growling or any other unusual tapping sound, this might be one of the warning signs to repair your refrigerator. 

Possible Reasons Behind A Noisy Refrigerator Are:

  • Fault in the condenser blade or fan motor
  • Clogging in the inter water valve
  • Depositing of debris over the coil 
  • Water lines moving against the cabinet

It is necessary to rectify the unusual sounds to avoid any further damage.

Observe Water Under The Fridge

You can’t ignore the water accumulating under your refrigerator. There are several reasons for water collecting such as 

  • Leakage in the water supply lines.
  • Loose rubber sealing around the door.
  • The refrigerant’s condensate drain is blocked. 

In many cases, the ice may crack or lean in your refrigerators. In either case, make sure you call a professional refrigeration specialist to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

5. Ongoing Foul Smells

If your refrigerator has an unpleasant scent, turn it off, unload everything, and clean it with a cleaning agent and water using a high-quality microfibre cloth. 

You can make a powerful cleaning agent at home, just a tablespoon of bleaching powder per gallon of water is enough to clean the interior of your fridge.

However, if you still observe any foul or unpleasant smell, this is due to the mold growing in the gaskets or the walls of the fridge. 


So if you notice any of these signs as mentioned above from your fridge, do not ignore them. Hire certified refrigerator repair professionals and take care of your expensive fridge for hassle-free use.

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